Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions Wiser Ltd - Wiser Bins On Wheels – Wiser Recycling

1. Your bin must be kept kerbside in urban areas. In rural areas your bin must be visible to the driver for a minimum of 60 yards even in poor visibility, i.e in darkness, and be out for five a.m.
2. To comply with local authority and waste licensing regulations, your lid must be closed and material in bin loosely packed to enable it to be emptied, without pulling and tugging or handling, in anyway other than by bin lift action.
3. Your valid sticker must be placed on rear of bin with handles facing outward. Only bins with valid stickers will be emptied. Responsibility for valid stickers rests soley with the customer.
4. Cancelling of service: Wiser Bins office must be notified in writing before end of current term i.e. either end of March or end of September, that you will no longer require our services. Unauthorised use of bins is forbidden in particular the placing of signage or advertising material belonging to any other operator. The placing of the above mentioned will result in legal action being taken against the householder and or the occupier and or the other refuse operator.
5. Failure to notify cancellation before end of valid term renders you liable for payment for service or rent on bin immediately into the new term i.e. for 1st of April or 1st October. Informing us some weeks into the new term is not acceptable. A rent for the use applies at the end of your paid up period. At current rate of €2.00 per week and a minimum charge of €10.00. You can however opt to purchase the bin outright if you wish to retain it for your own use.
6. Damage to bins, in particular bins split down the side which is caused by customer compacting material, (a) by use of a compactor (b) by standing into the bins, or compacting by other means, renders the customer liable for replacement cost of bin plus call out charge and administration charges.
7. This service is refuse only. Therefore no garden material of any kind, rubble tiles or heavy metal objects is prohibited. Our staff are fully au fait with what is a normal bin. To avoid disappointment and altercation do not try to disguise by placing in bottom of bin or otherwise. Remember you cannot disguise the weight. Bio Material must go in Bio-bin or be composted.
8. It is accepted agreed that it is only the contents of the bin is for collection by Wiser Ltd excess baggage at or near the bin or skip is the sole responsibility of the customer under the Waste Management Acts – Local by laws.
9. Failure to have your bin out for collection as per our terms and conditions does not entitle you to discounts going forward in next term. Sending a crew out to collect your bin due to your failure of not having your bin out as per our terms and conditions incurs a call out charge of €120.00 which must be paid in advance of our crew returning.
10. Refunds in the case of a customer requesting refunds. There is a call out charge of €30.00 to cancel out the valid stickers on your bins. Note there is no refund on Special Offers.
Retention Of Title

Bins supplied by Wiser Ltd (excluding red recycling bins) remain the property of Wiser Ltd indefinitely.

Ceasing use of service
Bins for return must be left in a position that our personnel can collect without having to make second call. The bin must also be empty. Bins left out with material inside necessitate a second call out and incur a call out charge of €40.00 plus the cost of emptying your bin.
Wiser Ltd – Wiser Recycling

Wiser-bins on wheels reserves the right to alter amend terms and conditions without notice in line with current amendments to waste management acts labour laws and health and safety acts etc.

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