Order a Commercial Bin

 Commercial Customers

Wiser offer a broad range of waste management  collection options for both the commercial and industrial sector. We provide a full service for commercial services, typically retail, offices, hotels, schools, restaurants etc. Our Customer Service Team will evaluate your waste streams and develop the right recycling and disposal solution for your company.

Wiserbins were the first Waste Management Company in Munster to use paper less dockets for our commercial customers,  This has benefited all our customers and the environment by reducing our carbon footprint on workflow for producing invoices.

We are also trying to get all our commercial customers onto paperless invoicing by where we can send your monthly invoice in PDF via email.

Our electronic dockets give real time of collection & number of bins collected. Dockets can be signed for where requested by customers. Customers can view & print their own dockets on our secure cloud, you will need to get your own unique login & password from Wiser.

Wiser are always looking at new ways to help our customers & the enviorment.

We pride ourselves on our customer service & always catering for our  customer requirements.

We have many types of wheelie bins available for commercial customers ranging in size:

- 140 Litre Wheelie Bin

- 240 Litre Wheelie Bin

- 360 Litre Wheelie Bin

- 660 Litre Wheelie Bin

- 1100 Litre Wheelie Bin.

If you are looking to get wheelie bins for your business and need to discuss your needs that contact us and we will customise our services to fit your every need.


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