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Commercial Services

We offer all types of wheelie bin services for our commercial customers for the collection of Waste, Recycling, Glass and Food. We collect in Cork City and County and West Waterford.

We offer a full comprehensive range of bins sizes for our commercial customers, these range from the normal household bin to the large commercial bins — 140L up to 1100L.

Cardboard Collection

We offer cardboard collection services to all types of industries including manufacturing, retail, and the hospitality sector.

Recycling Information for Commercial Customers

We operate a zero waste to landfill policy. When waste sits in landfill it leaks methane and other gases which are harmful to the environment. We do not believe this is the best way to treat your waste, so we operate a zero waste to landfill policy.

We are an industry leader in recycling your waste. Your non-recyclable waste material is used as a fuel source for the generation of electricity. Your brown bin is treated to be used as compost and farm fertiliser, glass is recycled back to make new glass.

Your recycling bin is processed into recycled paper and cardboard, plastic, and aluminium recycling. A milk or detergent bottle could be processed into playground furniture. Ireland is a global leader in recycling, and we are playing a big part is achieving this level of excellence in recycling.

All commercial waste and recycling services are offered in Cork City & County and West Waterford Simply call 021 4630601 to talk to a member of our business section and we will tailor a waste and recycling service to suit your needs. Join the hundreds of businesses who already use Wiser Recycling Ltd as their waste management provider.

Business Sectors We Service

  • Property Management
  • Schools
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Childcare
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • SME

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